2023 Webinars

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

Webinar 1: October 31, 2023

3-4:15 PM (ET)
12-1:15 PM (PT)

Casinos and Car Dealers, An Interesting Parallel to Being Data Driven and Data Actionable

Speaker: Gregg Schoppman, FMI

If you ever wondered why you weren’t getting those amazing upgrades at the casino, it could be because the casino knows more about you than you think, including how much you spend, where you spend it and when you sit in your room after a night of losing. So what? In a world where we hear so much about data, the people that run the casinos took actionable steps to make their business more profitable (which almost doesn’t seem fair). Auto dealers do much of the same thing in how they track and monitor potential buyers. In the world of construction, firms sit on a veritable gold mine of data but how many of those firms regularly use that data to make better decisions. It is one thing to be data driven and a whole other to be data actionable. Construction organizations must transform themselves to think strategically and incorporate such elements as seasonality, customer proclivities, environmental factors, supply chain variability, and even crew productivity in how they price work and position themselves in the market. In this session, participants will learn to:

  • Examine the role of data-driven strategy and best of class firms through case studies
  • Understand how to mine select data to make it actionable for YOUR firm
  • Examine the impact of data in the construction industry and how it compares to other industries
  • Understand the types of data that firms could capture and how this could influence decision making

Webinar 2: November 28, 2023

3-4:15 PM (ET)
12-1:15 PM (PT)

In the Eye of the Hurricane

Speaker: Kevin Hamernik, FORVIS, Nick Hadley, CommerceBank

This session will start with interaction of the attendees, turn to an abridged update on Key Elements of the State of the Economy, then follow with a Discussion on The Things to Consider In Times of Economic Uncertainty & Best Practices, Provide Some Color about How Lenders May respond When Times are Tough, and Conclude By Identifying Unusual Aspects of Workouts for Contractors. Participants will:

  • Learn How Your Contemporaries and Market Partners Feel About the Economy and Their Business Prospects
  • Leave with An Understanding of Key Market Metrics of the Economy and Historical Precedence
  • Identify a Few Key Best Practice Pointers to Consider in a Softening Market to Take Home
  • Gain An Insight Into What It is Like to Be In “Workout” with your Lender

Webinar 3: December 5, 2023

3-4:15 PM (ET)
12-1:15 PM (PT)

How to Compete & Win when Attracting the Next Generation of Talent

Speaker: Jillian Nahum, JE Dunn Construction; Rosemary Adams, JE Dunn Construction

Join two members of JE Dunn’s Talent Acquisition Leadership Team as they discuss the keys to attract and hire talent in an unprecedented market. This session will help you:

  • Understand the importance of competitor intelligence and how to use that information to stay competitive in a hot market.
  • Create and leverage an effective marketing strategy to attract the right talent.
  • Identify creative sourcing strategies and learn how to apply them.
  • Define what makes a great candidate experience and understand why it’s the ultimate key to winning the best talent!

Webinar 4: December 12, 2023

3-4:15 PM (ET)
12-1:15 PM (PT)

Ownership Transition Strategies

Speaker: S. Matthew Katz, Limbach Holdings

Few issues challenge the construction industry as acutely and persistently as ownership transition, or are more misunderstood and inefficiently executed by the principals involved. This session will:

  • Discuss the concept of creating Enduring Transactable Value
  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of common ownership transition strategies
  • Review the art and science of valuation methodologies employed by buyers
  • Develop strategies for executing an ownership transition process that is efficient and maximizes value

Webinar Pricing

– Free to conference attendees, we will preregister attendees for the webinars.
– $49 for CFMA & AGC members who didn’t attend conference.
– $69 for non-members.